Desired Outcomes and Alternatives to Wall, Please!

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy condemning the inhumane wall built by the communist government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) was spot on, the very moral statement to make. The Berlin Wall was built by a communist regime to not keep people from entering the GDR but rather thwart East Germans from escaping the totalitarian regime … Continue reading Desired Outcomes and Alternatives to Wall, Please!

Sex, Gender, Obesity?

Whilst I very seriously want to understand desired outcome to our referring to newborns as baby ‘X’ versus boy or girl and reiterate my call for information, are there not more pressing issues posing much more clear and present dangers to our society?

Free Tuition Proposal: Request for supporting data

I write this article for the sole purpose of soliciting details, data, assumptions supporting the claim that allocating $80 billion proposed increase to a federal budget line item, defense to education for the purpose of offering tuition-free access to public colleges and universities is possible. Education is vital to America’s future. And so how do … Continue reading Free Tuition Proposal: Request for supporting data

Universal Healthcare and Life Expectancy

A dear friend posted a graphic suggesting that USA's 79 year-old life expectancy was much lower than other countries due to America's 'for-profit' versus 'single-payer' healthcare offered by other countries. As previously stated in other posts in reaction to similar, broad-stroke statistics, allow me to reaffirm my support for single-payer healthcare so long as it … Continue reading Universal Healthcare and Life Expectancy