Request for Information: Rand Paul

First off, I believe myself to be a libertarian although will admit to leaning slightly liberal when it comes to social issues, and certainly conservative on the economic front.

Rand Paul is for me a right proper trick bag. I appreciate the libertarian message but have reservations about the integrity of the messenger and so write this plea for new, better, more accurate information that will enlighten this pilgrim and with which I might revisit my opinion of the junior Senator from Kentucky.

Rand Paul represents a state that, according to data available to me, is a net recipient of federal aid albeit Kentucky has for a very long time received more money from Washington than it sends to Washington in the form of taxes. This is a particularly sore point as I currently reside in a state that receives back less than it gives.

And Kentucky is in line to receive even more pork thanks to senate majority leader McConnell, and presumably Senator Paul. Northern Kentucky has a huge opioid problem and money has been allocated to address that problem. So, Kentucky receives additional federal funds for what is clearly a health issue and yet that state’s senators don’t seem able to positively contribute to this country’s overall healthcare problem.

One could defend Kentucky by citing the collapse of coal industry in America and I do have sympathy being an executive from the disinter-mediated music industry. Did I start down a path of drug abuse? No. I re-trained myself for the digital world and successfully made that transition.

I believe my example is a better example of libertarianism, a political position Rand Paul advocates in word whilst hauling more pork back to people who seemingly prefer to insist that buggy whips are still relevant as they wash back Oxycodone with a Miller light.

Rand Paul ranting about fiscal conservatism, wagging his finger at his congressional colleagues and, seemingly, the nation about our wastefulness whist the great state he represents is no stranger to the government tit is difficult for me to reconcile.

I’ve learned a couple things during my life journey and would like to share a few with Senator Paul. One of the things I’ve learned in life that would seemingly have relevance as he shouts down current, and to be sure imperfect, healthcare legislation is the idea that perfect is no good too late.

The other conclusion is that life, all of life is a movie comprised of many moving pictures that continuously flow; not but one photo that represents all that has passed and all that lies before us.

I appreciate the message but have severe reservations about the messenger based on the foregoing data points that are but a small sample of my issues with this supposed libertarian messenger.

This author would welcome any and all new or additional information.

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