Universal Healthcare and Life Expectancy

A dear friend posted a graphic suggesting that USA’s 79 year-old life expectancy was much lower than other countries due to America’s ‘for-profit’ versus ‘single-payer’ healthcare offered by other countries.

As previously stated in other posts in reaction to similar, broad-stroke statistics, allow me to reaffirm my support for single-payer healthcare so long as it is implemented on a state-by-state basis having fearlessly reviewed the cost and all agreeing to subsidize that cost.

I am very fixated on a state versus federal approach as listed countries more closely approximate population and land mass of states.

Allow me to present below a few statistics I cobbled together. I know not how universal healthcare whether implemented on a federal or state level will keep Americans’ face out of the fast-food trough followed by swilling back a prescription pill with Coke to temporarily forget the widening shape they view in the mirror to a McDonald’s toilet.

My skepticism about single-payer healthcare whether federal or state is increased by the fact that many countries listed above are also present on the unhealthy end of the lists from which I have excerpted below.

  • Fast food consumption – USA ranks #1, eating the most fast food in the world
  • Fattest countries – USA ranks #10 below Mexico, Qatar, South Africa and others
  • Obesity – USA ranks #1 with 38.2% of Americans being obese (OECD)
  • Opioids – USA consumes approximately 80% of world opioid supply (CNBC)
  • Alcoholism – USA ranks #48 (WHO)

What’s it cost? How do we pay for it? And will it effectively address poor health choices that, if corrected, will increase Americans’ life expectancy?

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