Yes to dreamers subject to law…

My opinion of DACA is very personal and forged in the process of securing for my wife a green card and eventually citizenship with a view to finally returning to the home of my birth, America after many years abroad.

I believe the 800,000 or so humans included in the executive-ordered DACA program should be allowed to remain in the US, carry on with their lives, and assume their allocated place in the queue to undertake the legal process toward citizenship.

The process undertaken by my wife included a very invasive physical and mental examination, turning over all available medical records, turning over tax returns and bank statements for the past 5 years, proof that we could financially support ourselves in the US albeit take no federal or state support and, finally, proof that my wife had no criminal record in all countries in which she had resided for a year or longer.

I shall for the purpose of this writing assume that most if not all dreamers have not lived in Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom and Pakistan, and can assure you my wife did reside in all of these countries from which we were required to secure and provide government affidavits attesting to my wife having no criminal record in their country. We sweated out the period of time required to successfully secure said affidavit from Pakistan.

It’s my understanding that if an applicant has ever been convicted of murder or an aggravated felony (if convicted after 29th November 1990), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are required to deny application for citizenship.

Dreamers should most certainly be extended leave to stay whilst they undergo the process described above.

Meanwhile, we the people through our elected representatives should enact responsible immigration law.

That responsible immigration law and its all-important enforcement must certainly ensure we do not swell the ranks of dreamers now and avoid similar immigration issues in future.

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