Sex, Gender, Obesity?

It’s a girl…it’s a boy…it’s an X!

I can imagine one long-term desired outcome of our not referring to newborns as “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy”, despite the biological certainty that they are one or the other sex, resides in the hope that come the time in that newborn’s future they are compelled to identify with a gender contradicted by their biological sex, society will think nothing of it, won’t paint them with a scarlet letter.

I’m completely in favor of not ostracizing anyone for behaviors that are not illegal, and most assuredly, identifying with a gender that does not coincide with one’s sex is not illegal or a topic with which anyone should take issue.

Whilst not new to me, I admit having insufficient information and desperately want to hear from those favoring this approach to how we refer to newborns and specifically I want to understand the desired outcome.

Meanwhile and seemingly a complete non sequitur, I’d like to ask if we might not have more pressing issues that also reside in the world of health and health care?

I, as much as if not more than anyone, appreciate a great hamburger. I allow myself a more modest burger than pictured in the interest of regaining my boyish figure (nearly there) every once in awhile albeit every 3 months or so.

This is not at all meant to admonish my fellow burger eaters who quaff hamburgers approximating those pictured, and at a rate that would make an arithmomaniac lose his, her or X’s will to live.

My intention is to triangulate pictured burgers offered on Groupon, one being a top seller, the escalating obesity rate in our country and America’s healthcare question, and ask if this obesity thing might not be a wee bit more pressing.

According to Center for Disease Control report as reported by NBC News (13 October 2017), almost 40% of American adults and nearly 20% of adolescents are obese – the highest rates ever recorded for the U.S.

“Overall, 70.7% percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, meaning that and unhealthy weight has become the norm, with normal weight Americans – a BMI of less than 25 – now in the minority”, wrote Felix Gussone, MD in NBCNews article.

Allow me a moment to acknowledge serious health issues like binge eating disorder lest you believe this author thinks all who fall within populations mentioned above are simply out of control and suffer no underlying health issue, eating being a spotlight-worthy manifestation.

I am hard pressed to believe that 40% of American adults and nearly 20% of adolescents or even half those percentages suffer a health disorder but I invite new, factual information that would dissuade me of this view.

Alas, I have more questions than answers although note that I promised no answers.

Which will occur first, a child crossing over the line into obesity or identifying with a gender contradicted by their sex?

Exempting those with disorders, who should be responsible for the consequences (and costs) of ill health driven by individuals not exerting control over their own actions, specifically over eating to the point of obesity?

Whilst I very seriously want to understand desired outcome to our referring to newborns as baby ‘X’ versus boy or girl and reiterate my call for information, are there not more pressing issues posing much more clear and present dangers to our society?

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