Take the consequences, Ms. Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi should answer to the law and be held to account for her assault on an IDF soldier during the course of that soldier dispatching his duties.

The use of video to separate fact from fiction when it comes to police-on-citizen violence, or citizen-on-police violence is helpful to us who were not actually present at the incident but seem all too willing to adopt our desired narrative before viewing photo or video evidence, if any.

I’m actually more offended by those who jump on the bandwagon that best suits their world view but remain silent, prove unwilling to admit that they were too hasty in their rush to judgment, condemnation when evidence points in a direction completely opposite their premature conclusion. Looking in the mirror is hard but no excuse to not look, and look hard.

Based on video evidence, there exists in this writer’s mind no doubt that Ahed Tamimi assaulted an IDF soldier whilst he was in the process of fulfilling his duty.

I’ve now brought out my stopwatch to measure the time it will take a Palestinian leader to exclaim that Israel is unfairly imprisoning their youth, and at a disproportionately high rate.

According to my research and scribbled calculations, Palestinian youth (aged 15 – 19) living in Israel are incarcerated at a lower rate (0.05%) as a percent of their population than their USA and British counterparts who are incarcerated at a rate of 0.23% and 0.12% respectively. As ever, I invite any and all to cite data that would provide a more accurate representation of the current state of play for youth incarceration in these 3 countries.

Until such time as authoritative data versus shrill screams of raw emotion are presented, I urge all to refrain from buying into the sensational headlines and front-page photos without at least digging one mere inch below the surface.

Also and further to my statistical analysis and underling data, US and Britain – not governments but citizens, parents, relatives – might be well served to look into the mirror and ask how they might reduce by 450X and 40X respectively their youth imprisonment rates.

Meanwhile and back in Israel, Ahed Tamimi should step up and accept the consequences of her actions, and Palestinian leaders should tuck away their victim card.

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