Desired Outcomes and Alternatives to Wall, Please!

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy condemning the inhumane wall built by the communist government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) was spot on, the very moral statement to make.

The Berlin Wall was built by a communist regime to not keep people from entering the GDR but rather thwart East Germans from escaping the totalitarian regime running East Germany at the time. What’s more, GDR did not provide a path for their citizens to legally emigrate to parts outside their wall.

As stated in previous articles, I fully support extending “dreamers” leave to stay, and a clear and unambiguous path toward citizenship.

I fully support an orderly and fully enforced immigration policy that we’ve yet to pass into law.

I do not support chain migration. Chain migration allows non-nuclear family members to enter USA simply by virtue of the fact that a relative has already and presumably legally entered the USA.

I have yet to read although look forward to receiving contradictory information supporting the idea that would-be pilgrims who might currently be eligible for chain-migration will not be allowed to legally apply to enter the USA under their own steam.

Assuming we provide dreamers a clear and unambiguous path to citizenship, does USA immigration policy and law require updating?

It’s at this point that I must ask after our desired outcomes and the means by which we achieve those desired outcomes.

It’s my understanding that desired outcome to currently proposed wall between USA and Mexico is to stem illegal immigration into USA, nothing more and nothing less. Whilst we might argue over the means, do we disagree with desired outcome: orderly immigration into the US, adding to national security by achieving orderly and legal immigration.

The border between USA and Mexico is 1,954 miles long. My research reveals there are 48 border crossings along the USA-Mexico border and, according to my fingers and toes math that would translate to a border crossing every 41 miles along USA’s Southern border.

What’s more, there are a total of 330 points of entry into the USA including the above 48 situated along USA-Mexico border.

I have not read anywhere that any of these 48 border crossings along USA’s Southern border or any of the other 282 will be closed.

Might an alternative to building a wall be USA considering at least doubling (every 20 miles), perhaps tripling (every 13.5 miles) the number of crossings along USA’s Southern border?

Each of us enjoying the luxury of living in a house or apartment has walls and doors protecting us from the elements or whatever we might want to keep out of doors. We do not live in houses or apartments with doors and studs only. We employ walls to protect us from come what may but have doors we gladly open to those we invite, wish to enter our home. Why is the home we call America to be different to the structures we call home?

If we agree on outcomes (path for dreamers, practical immigration law, ending chain migration that does not prejudice pilgrims from applying under their own steam) or at least a majority of outcomes, let us then agree means by which we achieve shared outcomes: a wall, more doors or at least an alternative short of simply doing nothing.

Employing President Kennedy referring to a wall erected by the communist regime in former German Democratic Republic to keep their citizens imprisoned to counter a wall aimed to stem illegal immigration into USA is quite the leap and speaks only to means by which a problem is addressed versus the desired outcome to our actions.

Please state your desired outcomes, suggest the means by which we achieve those outcomes as a starting point for this important conversation.

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