You play the game with the team on the field

I appreciate and respect Rachel Maddow’s intellect sporadically underserved, in my opinion, by her presentation style. One of Ms. Maddow’s recent blog posts questions President Trump’s suitability to sit across the negotiating table from North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and underlines her extreme dislike for President Trump, a viewpoint unknown to only those living under rocks.

Ms. Maddow further demonstrated to me in this one post she has never heard the sporting adage; you play the game with the team on the field.

Does North Korea pose a threat to USA, rest of world?

If a threat, how should we address this threat?

A preemptive nuclear strike?

Sit down and talk?


If we assume all of Ms. Maddow’s opinions of President Trump are true and President Trump were to accept Ms. Maddow’s analysis, should President Trump simply stand down, leave the North Korea situation to the next president to be elected, and hope against all hope North Korea do not perfect their nuclear weapon and delivery system in the intervening years?

Whatever one might think of President Trump’s style, there now and seemingly exists the possibility that USA and North Korea might sit across the table from each other and talk versus exchange missiles across the Pacific Ocean. Let us see if both parties actually sit down and talk, and what those talks might yield.

I would have preferred Ms. Maddow writing nothing in advance of potential meeting or, better yet, express her hatred for everything President Trump whilst offering suggestions, wishing him well with talks as the outcome will surely impact us all.

Allow me an analogy. A football team laboring under a 0-9 season record are huddled around their coach in locker room before taking the field for their last and final game of season against a team over which they have a better than even chance of triumphing. After all members have had their say and just before they crash through doors leading to field the coach says in a calm voice, you’re shite and you know you are.

President Trump is the team on the field and might benefit from suggestions offered by smart people like Ms. Maddow or at least our collective best wishes as he prepares for a negotiation with much at stake.




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