Spot the fascist

In life there is what we do. Everything else is blah, blah, blah.... I’ve heard, read and viewed many accusing others of being fascist, a word, label I associate with fascist kingpins like Stalin responsible for 20 to 25 million non-combatant deaths, Mao for 40+ million non-combatant deaths, Hitler for 12 million non-combatant deaths, and … Continue reading Spot the fascist

Is California’s immigration path the way forward?

The raging and ideologically driven debate around USA immigration occupies my thoughts a lot lately, and with increasing frequency. How many immigrants should USA absorb and over which period of time? Should Federal government apply quotas to each state much like EU did with its member states? I believe in legal and merit-based immigration. I … Continue reading Is California’s immigration path the way forward?